Liquid Irish

For over 5 years I have been following the renaissance of Irish whiskey on this blog. Now that we are beginning to see other spirits distilled in Ireland, like poitín and gin, I’m writing about those too.

Liquid Irish specialises in publishing detailed and accurate information “from the horse’s mouth”, that is unobtainable elsewhere on the internet.

Monuments & Odes

Occasionally I’m moved to write about something other than Irish spirits. Such articles live on Monuments & Odes.

The name of the blog comes from a poem:

There should be monuments, there should be odes ...
to the first flaker of flints who forgot his dinner

W.H. Auden, Horae Canonicae

It’s a good feeling to be so caught up in creating something new that you lose track of time.

Side Projects

“Heath Robinson” WWII Code-breaking Machine

A software recreation of an important World War II code-breaking machine designed and built at Bletchley Park. Named “Heath Robinson”, it strongly influenced the design of Colossus, the world’s first digital electronic programmable computer. [GitHub]

Liquid Irish Events

An exploration of various trendy technologies for creating a CRUD-type web application. [GitHub]


Digital photo frames were hot in 2008. I wondered if it was possible to run “applications” on them. WordPegs is the result of my experimentation.

Whatz in the Hood

In late 2011, Fingal County Council ran a competition for developers to explore the use of open datasets. This was my entry.

Irish Placenames

A graphical plotting of Irish placenames.



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I tweet about Irish whiskey and other spirits from @LiquidIrish. My personal account, @dhavelin, covers everything else: World War II codebreaking, software development, music…


The code behind my most recent side projects.